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  • Can I share the experience with friends or family?
    Yes! there is no charge for bringing a friend who can sit in the jump seat, we recommend limiting the cockpit to three people-including the instructor.
  • What happens during my flight?
    There is no limit to what you can do during your flight, takoffs, landings, circuits, bad wather, engine failures, even stalls, all in complete safety of course. Just let us know what you'd like to experience, and we'll tailor your time in the sim so you can get the most fun out of it.
  • Can I sit in either the captains or copilot's seat?
    You can sit in either the captains or copilot's seat.
  • The JetEx phone number rings with a foreign ring tone, why?
    We use a call forwarding system that uses an international sounding ring tone, don't worry you are not being charged for an international call!
  • If I book directly, would payment be done at time of arrival or prior?
    You can pay when you come to the sim- no need to pay in advance unless you want to.
  • Where can I fly?
    From / to any current airport. Our flight simulation software has a database of over 24,000 airports, although some airport and scenery areas are more detailed than others. ​
  • Is there an age limit?
    Our age limit is 7 years old if they have a keen interest in flight simulators (please note all children must be accompanied by an adult).
  • How long does it take to receive my gift voucher?
    Gift vouchers will be sent to your email address within 2 hours of purchasing.
  • Will I have the cockpit to myself or do I have to share my time with others?
    You have the sim to yourself (and your guest if you choose to bring one) you will be at the controls all the time.
  • Why is the JetEx simulator more expensive than some others?
    The JetEx 737 is a training standard simulator, with a large, very fast, very powerful (and very expensive) 6 axis motion system, it offers a completely different experience to the many fixed base, or low fidelity motion sims in the UK. JetEx offers an almost identical experience to a level D sim - but at half the price.
  • Do I have to book well in advance / is it hard to find a free slot to redeem my gift voucher?
    We can usually get you in the sim on the day and time you'd like if you give us a week's notice, often quicker than that.
  • How much does it cost?
    Full Motion Flight Experiences are priced as follows: 30 Minutes - £130 60 Minutes - £250 90 Minutes - £375 120 Minutes - £450 These are the most competitive full motion simulator prices in the UK
  • Is the simulator really "full motion"?
    Yes! This is a true full motion simulator capable of accelerating you at over nine meters per second, per second in all six degrees of motion. The movement is so fluid and immersing that it's hard to believe the simulator is bolted to the ground -there is very little difference between what you feel in the simulator and a real aircraft. Click here to find out more about our Moog motion platform.
  • How long are gift vouchers valid for?
    Gift vouchers are valid for three years
  • What makes the JetEx simulator so much more realistic than other sims I’ve tried?
    There are four big reasons, true 6 axis full motion, collimated visual, dynamic control loading, and real a 737 cockpit.
  • Will I have control of the simulator for all of my flight?
    Yes! But with the assistance of one of our pilot instructors, if you have some experience with flying or flight sim games you will probably be in control of the sim for the whole time.
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