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Ernie Gale

Romek is the owner of JetEx. He has been involved with flight simulator development for over 25 years. He set up in 2011 which has now evolved into JetEx Simulation. He has experience in many aspects of simulator design, fabrication, and operation.

Romek, along with other members of the JetEx team, has also consulted on a number of high profile movies featuring aircraft and spacecraft cockpits, recent examples being Christopher Nolan's "Tenet", and Damien Chazelle's "First Man". Aside from his passion for flight simulation, Romek is also a prominent figure in the film industry, known for concept design and fabrication. In this role he has worked on some big projects, examples being"Interstellar", "Batman", and "Guardians of the Galaxy". Romek brings an overall eye for detail, realism and accuracy to JetEx.

Ernie's career in flight simulation spans more than 30 years.

He has experience in full flight simulator development, support and operation and has worked with industry leaders such as Thales and CAE. Ernie brings technical aviation industry knowledge to JetEx projects  allowing us  to design, build and then fine tune our simulators to closely match professional training levels. At JetEx Ernie specialises in microprocessor engineering, and has designed and built proprietary hardware for both the 737 simulator and also our film projects.

William has been heavily involved in all aspects of JetEx especially our 737 simulator development. From installing motion systems, to design and development of our bespoke Motion Integration and Control (MIC) software, Will has played a key role in commissioning the 737 sim. He has wide ranging knowledge of  simulation hardware and software, and expertese in computer programming and networking.

Along side his work here at JetEx, Will is studying for his degree in engineering.

William Smith

JetEx Simulator Experience - About Us

Ernie Gale

Ernie Gale

Romek Delimata

We have a simple mission, to deliver the best flight simulator experiences available anywhere, and to do it at a great price.

We've been open to the public in the UK since mid - 2022 and have rapidly gained a reputation for excellence, our 737 NG simulator delivers unparalleled flight simulator experiences for the public, and is a fantastic training tool for professional pilots.


From school kids who dream of being pilots to seasoned airline captains wishing to brush up prior to an LPC or interview, JetEx has proven it can deliver.

JetEx operates a training standard Boeing 737 NG Jet simulator very close to a Level D simulator in its abilities, now that flight simulator is available to the public. The JetEx flight simulator isn't just a bit more realisic than the many fixed base simulators in the UK, it's in a completely different class.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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