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  • 60 Minute Full Motion Flight Simulator Slot
  • 60 Minute Full Motion Flight Simulator Slot

60 Minute Full Motion Flight Simulator Slot


Physical certificate of achievement provided after the flight


Feel what it's like to be a real pilot when you take control in our FULL MOTION 737 flight simulator with a level of realism far exceeding any “experience simulator” in the UK.


This experience is open to everyone, (minimum age 12) from the complete novice to the seasoned pro - no flying experience required. Sessions are tailored to you: we can make your flying experience very easy or a real challenge! It's up to you.


Experience True 6-Axis Full Motion!

Feel every aircraft movement including acceleration, runway bumps, turbulence, windshear, even engine failures - a completely different experience.


Pro-level Flight Simulator

Our full motion 737 simulator is exactly like the pros use - in fact ours is a 'training standard' simulator used by professional pilots and trainee pilots.


Expert Instructors

You are at the controls for the entire flight with guidance from our experienced and friendly instructors, who will give you a pre-flight briefing in the simulator. Many of our instructors fly real 737's when they're not with us.


Custom Flying Conditions

Choose to fly in day, dusk, night and in any weather condition, from calm and clear to severe thunderstorms - seatbelts on! If you want, you can experience in-flight emergencies including engine fires and failures all with full motion realism and in complete safety!


Over 24,000 Airports

You can fly from any airport in the world including some with very tricky approaches for an extra challenge!


A Friend can Fly with you for Free

There's space for a friend in the cockpit jump seat to share the experience at no extra cost, and a lounge area with complimentary refreshments.


The Technical Stuff


Enjoy the View: Our simulator has a collimated (focused at infinity) visual system that makes the outside view seem far away - making the view totally convincing.


Take control: Our sim has computer-controlled force feedback flight controls, meaning you will feel what the plane is doing through changes in how the controls feel.

  • Terms and Conditions

    By purchasing a flight experience slot you are confirming that you accept our terms and conditions.

Ready for Takeoff?

You're one step closer to FEELing what it's like to fly a Boeing 737. Check the details below and click the buy button to proceed - we look forward to welcoming you into the cockpit!

6-Axis Full Motion Experience

Flight Experience Tailored to You

Certificate of Achievement Included

Over 100 5* Google Reviews

Michael Armitage

Absolutely amazing experience, spent an hour in the simulator experiencing take offs, landings and attempting to navigate around Gatwick Airport! The motion of the simulator makes it a very realistic flying experience. Romek was brilliant and very patient with my slightly erratic flying skills. Highly recommended and we hope to be back soon!

September 2023

Phoebe Clark

I bought the 1 hour sim experience for my husband for his birthday, it was a huge hit! I was able to enjoy sitting in jump seat. Incredibly realistic sim and very knowledgeable and fun instructors. Would highly recommend!!

July 2023

Robert Truesdale

Had a brilliant visit to Jet-Ex yesterday. Romek was a brilliant tutor and the simulator is a very very real allistic experience. Flew three circuits around Dublin Airport and managed to land on the third circuit which was enormously satisfying. If your looking to do something out of your comfort zone this is for you once your behind the controls you’ll forget you’re in a simulator.

January 2023

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