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Airline Assessment Prep

Professional simulator assessment prep

With a 100% success rate since opening in 2022, JetEx has already helped many pilots prepare for and succeed in airline interviews, both as cadets and direct entry captains.


We have a number of experienced 737 pilot partners flying with European operators on hand to deliver expert airline assessment guidance. Alternatively you can also dry hire the sim and use your own briefing material.

Full Motion Experience - Low Cost

The JetEx 737 simulator is in a different class to the many fixed base sims in the UK. It closely matches the feel and performance of the airline training devices that aviation professionals are likely to be assessed in.


Aside from 6 axis motion, the sim features a real aircraft cockpit, controls, seats, a collimated visual, and dynamic control loading, a combination of features normally reserved for level D simulators.

Our control loading system allows for realistic single engine practice with accurate rudder trim settings and pedal displacement.

Time spent in our full motion sim builds real confidence ahead of your airline interview or LPC. Our low hourly rate makes JetEx the most affordable full motion 737 in the UK, at just £190 P/H for pilots holding CPL's, with prices reduced further for longer sim sessions, or motion-off sessions.

Full Motion Simulator - Low Cost

The Only 737 Full Motion Flight Simulator near Bristol

Less than an hour from Bristol Airport, the JetEx 737 sim is conveniently located for use by pilots who fly out of this busy LCC hub.

Bristol Airport hosts a number of 737 operators including Ryanair, Jet2 and TUI. JetEx has the only 737 full motion simulator near Bristol and is ideal for a brush up ahead of an LPC or interview.

Full Motion dry hire from £190 P/H for CPL holders

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