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Bristol Flight Simulator Experience

Less than an hour from Bristol Airport, JetEx offers full motion simulator training and amazingly realistic flight simulator experiences to the public in the only full motion jet simulator near Bristol.

Unlike other fixed-base flight simulators, our 737 simulator offers a full motion experience thanks to the integrated Moog motion base. With 6-axis motion you'll FEEL every bump on the runway as well as the air turbulence whether you're flying out of Bristol Airport or any of the other 24,000 airports that our sim offers.

Flight Sim Training and Simulator Experiences

Our training standard 737NG sim delivers a level of realism far exceeding any fixed base simulator and is often used by pilots who fly out of Bristol airport, which is a busy hub for 737 operators like Ryanair, Jet2 and TUI.

The JetEx custom built 737 simulator centre is located at Commerce Business Park near Frome in south west England.

Full Motion Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator Experiences

30 Minute Experience

For a taste of what it's like to fly a commercial 737 jet.

You'll get to taxi, take off, tour the skies and land at any airport in the world, all from the captain's seat.

60 Minute Experience

Want to try your hand at some tricky weather conditions? Or a few challenging approaches?

Our most-popular hour long experience will give you the time to feel a variety of real-world flying situations.

120 Minute Experience

Our two-hour flying experience gives you the chance to try your hand at some really challenging flights.

Fancy a stall recovery? Or zero visibility approach? Or perhaps see how you fair with an engine failure!

We offer a full range of flight simulator experiences near Bristol, each of which can be tailored to your particular level of experience and aims.

Getting here from Bristol Airport

We're located just outside the wonderful town of Frome in Somerset, less than an hour from Bristol Airport and twenty minutes from Bath. Use the Google Map below to get directions from your location. And if you have any problems finding us, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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