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737 Simulator

Ever dreamt of experiencing the thrill of piloting a Boeing 737? Step into the world of aviation with our state-of-the-art 737 simulator. Whether you're an aspiring pilot or an aviation enthusiast, this is your chance to take control and soar through the skies without leaving the ground.


Our cutting-edge full motion flight simulator offers a realistic cockpit experience, complete with immersive visuals, 6 axis motion and authentic cockpit and controls. Feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate through various weather conditions and challenging landings. Get ready to test your skills in different scenarios, from take-off to touchdown.

737 Simulator Features

6-Axis Motion Platform

Our 6-axis motion platform designed and built by the aviation industry leader Moog can accelerate our 3-ton sim at +/- 1G

Dynamic Control Loading

Dynamic force feedback in the flight controls mean you get to feel exactly how the real aircraft would respond, whatever the flying conditions

Collimated Visual Display

Our collimated visual display system makes out-the-window visual images appear distant, unlike standard direct projection displays

Real 737 Cockpit

Our Boeing 737 simulator features an actual 737 cockpit, so you get to experience the actual aircraft's controls, instruments, and layout. This provides a fully immersive experience for pilots, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the flightdeck they will encounter during airline training scenarios. The identical representation of real aircraft switches, and controls and identical dials, and displays enables trainees to practice their skills in a setting that very closely resembles the real aircraft.

The real cockpit also contributes to muscle memory development as pilots interact with the controls and systems and even seat adjustment in a simulated yet true-to-life environment. By using an actual 737 cockpit, trainees can hone their reflexes and responses to various scenarios they may encounter while operating a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Ready to fly?

We offer a whole range of flight simulator experiences that everyone can enjoy, whether you're a complete flying novice or an experienced pilot looking to get familiar with the 737.

737 Simulator Experiences

30 Minute Experience

For a taste of what it's like to fly a commercial 737 jet.

You'll get to taxi, take off, tour the skies and land at any airport in the world, all from the captain's seat.

60 Minute Experience

Want to try your hand at some tricky weather conditions? Or a few challenging approaches?

Our most-popular hour long experience will give you the time to feel a variety of real-world flying situations.

120 Minute Experience

Our two-hour flying experience gives you the chance to try your hand at some really challenging flights.

Fancy a stall recovery? Or zero visibility approach? Or perhaps see how you fair with an engine failure!

Maximising Your 737 Simulator Experience

Before stepping into a 737 simulator, it can be useful to familiarise yourself with the aircraft systems. Understanding how different components work will enhance your overall experience. For example, learn about the autopilot system, navigation controls, and emergency procedures. This knowledge will help you navigate through various scenarios more effectively.

Learning about the aircraft systems beforehand can give you an edge during simulation sessions, allowing you to focus on honing your piloting skills rather than getting overwhelmed by the technical aspects of operating the Boeing 737. By being well-versed in these systems, you'll be better prepared to handle challenging situations and make informed decisions while in the simulator cockpit.

Understanding Aircraft Systems

Effective Communication with Instructors

Communicating effectively with your instructor is paramount for making the most out of your 737 simulator experience. Clear communication ensures that you receive valuable feedback and guidance throughout each session. Whether it's seeking clarification on certain procedures or understanding specific flight dynamics, open dialogue with your instructor can significantly enhance your learning curve.

Your instructor is there to provide support and help refine your piloting abilities within a safe environment. Engaging in constructive conversations can lead to actionable insights that boost your confidence and proficiency as a virtual pilot.

Maintaining Calmness and Focus

Staying calm and focused during challenging scenarios is essential for any pilot, calm and focus stems from confidence in performance, which in turn comes from experience provided in a 737 simulator. As unexpected situations arise during simulated flights, learning to maintain composure enables you to think clearly and act decisively under pressure. By staying level-headed, you can approach problems methodically without succumbing to panic. Rehearsing scenarios in our 737 simulator builds confidence.

Familiarity with the real aircraft cockpit allows you to absorb new information efficiently while navigating through complex flight scenarios. JetEx 737 simulator sessions help develop resilience in pilots, by preparing them for real-world challenges in a very realistic training environment.

Advanced Motion System

An integral feature of our Boeing 737 simulator is its advanced full motion system that replicates the sensations experienced during flight. 

This system employs cutting-edge technology to simulate movements encountered during take-offs, landings, turbulence, and other in-flight dynamics with remarkable accuracy. As a result, trainee pilots are exposed to lifelike physical feedback that enhances their understanding of aircraft behaviour under different flight conditions.

The sophisticated motion system not only adds realism but also aids in developing pilot proficiency by allowing them to experience and respond effectively to various flight conditions without leaving the safety of ground-based training facilities.

Cutting-Edge Visual Display Technology

One of the standout features of our Boeing 737 simulator is its employment of cutting-edge collimated visual display technology as used by NASA.

This makes out-the-window visual images appear distant, adding enormously to the realism of the scene.

The collimated display in combination with state-of-the-art graphics rendering capabilities and high-definition screens result in visually stunning representations of landscapes, airports, weather conditions, and other environmental elements encountered during flights.

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