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Full Flight Simulators (FFS)

A system of tiers is used to categorize the different levels of realism that Full Flight Simulators (FFS) can produce; from A being the least realistic and D the most. Shown below is what each level would include:

  • Level A would include 3 axis of motion, including night visuals.

  • Level B would be the same as A, but with added ground handling simulation.

  • Level C is when another 3 axis of motion has been added to make a total of 6 axis of motion; night/dusk visuals and dynamic control loading will also be simulated, with a higher level of fidelity.

  • Level D will have the highest level of fidelity and include a collimated visual system.


The awarding body for flight simulator certification in the UK is the CAA. The CAA is the governing body that oversees and regulates civil aviation in the UK. First established in 1972, under the terms of the Civil Aviation Act 1971, they are a public corporation that have been operating ever since.


Areas of responsibility which the CAA overlook are:

  • The issuing of pilot licenses and testing/calibration of equipment - Civil Aviation Flying Unit - CAFU

  • The regulation of security standards and vetting of all personnel in the aviation industry - Directorate of Aviation Security - DAS

  • Overseeing the national protection scheme for any customers abroad in the event of an airline failure - Air Travel Organiser’s Licensing - ATOL


All aspects of aviation in the UK are regulated by the CAA; this is done without direct funding from the UK government. It is seen as the standard for all aircraft operated in the UK.

Our 737 flight simulator has all the aspects of a level D sim, taking it to the most realistic level of the FFS realism scale.

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