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Flying lessons near Bristol

If you’re looking for flying lessons in or around Bristol there are plenty of organisations that can help you fulfil your goal of taking to the skies. 


Whether you’re a beginner looking to gain your private pilot licence or you’re already a PPL holder that wants to improve your skills, flying lessons are an essential way to build your flying skills. But beyond the thrill of flight, learning to pilot an aircraft instills valuable skills such as discipline, focus, and problem-solving – qualities that extend far beyond the cockpit.

For aspiring pilots in the Bristol area, finding the right flight school is essential to kick-starting your aviation journey. Fortunately, Bristol is home to a diverse range of flight schools and aviation clubs, each offering various training programs tailored to individual needs. From basic introductory lessons to advanced pilot certifications, there's a pathway for every aspiring aviator.

Supplementing your flying lessons

Supplementing traditional flying lessons with experiences in a full motion flight simulator can greatly enhance the learning process and accelerate skill development. 

A flight simulator offers a controlled environment where students can practice and reinforce concepts learned during their flying lessons. The full motion aspect of a professional simulator is an important consideration when choosing a simulator since it provides a far more realistic experience than a standard fixed-base sim. This additional level of realism ensures the experience more closely matches the real flying experience, boosting the value of time spent on flying lessons.

Benefits of flying a simulator

Other benefits of flight simulator experiences are:

  • By simulating a variety of flight scenarios, from routine takeoffs and landings to emergency procedures, students can gain valuable hands-on experience without the constraints of time or weather.

  • Additionally, flight simulation allows for repetitive practice of manoeuvres, helping students build muscle memory and confidence in their abilities.

  • Flight simulation allows you to practice flying in a safe and controlled environment, free from the risks associated with actual flight training.

  • The ability to review and debrief each simulated flight with instructors provides invaluable insights and feedback, allowing students to identify areas for improvement and refine their techniques.

  • No need to worry about the weather - you can fly the sim at any time and in whatever weather conditions you like.


Ultimately, combining flight simulation with traditional flying lessons offers a comprehensive and effective approach to pilot training, ensuring that students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of real-world flying with confidence and proficiency.

Bristol flight simulators

If you’re taking flying lessons in Bristol, we at Jetex Simulation are perfectly placed to give you a full motion simulator experience to complement your lessons. Situated less than an hour from Bristol airport, we offer a full range of packages to suit all levels of experience.

So whether you’re just starting out on your aviation journey or you’re several months into your flying lesson schedule we can help supplement the skills you’ll be learning in your lessons.

You’ll get to sit in the captain’s seat in our full motion 737 simulator and experience what it’s like to pilot a commercial airliner. The actual 737 cockpit, the immersive sound, collimated visual display system and of course the 6-axis full motion base will allow you to improve your piloting skills in simulated situations (taxi, takeoff, landing, challenging weather, emergency procedures and so on) that we can build around your flying lessons.

Commercial Airline Simulator Experiences

At JexEx Simulation we offer full motion 737 simulator experiences. If your PPL is a stepping stone to a career as a commercial pilot, it's worth getting a hands-on experience in a commercial airline sim to give you a taste of what's to come. All experiences can be tailored to your needs.

30 Minute Experience

For a taste of what it's like to fly a commercial 737 jet.

You'll get to taxi, take off, tour the skies and land at any airport in the world, all from the captain's seat.

60 Minute Experience

Want to try your hand at some tricky weather conditions? Or a few challenging approaches?

Our most-popular hour long experience will give you the time to feel a variety of real-world flying situations.

120 Minute Experience

Our two-hour flying experience gives you the chance to try your hand at some really challenging flights.

Fancy a stall recovery? Or zero visibility approach? Or perhaps see how you fair with an engine failure!


Bristol flying schools

Ready to try our 737 simulator?

We offer a whole range of flight simulator experiences that everyone can enjoy, whether you're a complete flying novice or an experienced pilot looking to get familiar with the 737.

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